Patients’ thumb impression verification started at IGMC, Shimla

The Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC) and Hospital, Shimla, has introduced the facility of bedside thumb impression verification for critically-ill patients to activate their Ayushman Bharat cards.

"Patients had to come for thumb impression verification to activate their Ayushman Bharat package. Critically-ill and bed-ridden patients used to face a lot of inconvenience in activating their cards. So, the facility of bedside thumb impression verification has been introduced for them," says Dr Gopal Ashish Sharma, Nodal Officer, Administration.

He added, "The initiative has proved very helpful for patients and we have done over 500 bedside thumb impression verification since it was launched."

Sharma said that the previous system was inconvenient for critically-ill patients and it delayed the availability of facilities under the schemes. "Now, a designated Ayushman Mitra goes to a patient, verifies his thumb impression and his card is activated immediately," he added.

Besides, the hospital has brought all services related to Ayushman Bharat/Himcare at one place. "Services like card activation, package form and medicines are available close to each other. Now, one doesn't have to visit different blocks or floors to avail of these services," said Dr Sharma.

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