Himachal lifts ban on export of safeda, poplar, bamboo, kuth

The Himachal Pradesh government has lifted the ban on export of wood from four tree species, namely safeda, poplar, bamboo and kuth (medicinal plant).

No permit would be required for transportation of wood from these species within the state, said Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu in a statement issued on Sunday.

Farmers in the state cultivate these species on a commercial scale and this decision of the government would facilitate them to a great extent.

He said the state government has also eased restrictions on the export of other forest products, including khair wood, katha, cedarwood oil, and various herbs, the statement further said.

However, a valid permit from the forest department will be required to take these forest products out of the state, the statement added.

The chief minister said the state government is considering to introduce the National Transit Pass System in Himachal Pradesh, enabling individuals to obtain various e-permits from the forest department, making Himachal Pradesh the sixth state in India to implement this system.

The National Transit Pass System is expected to bring greater convenience to permit processes, enhance transparency in the department's operations and improve departmental functioning, he said.

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