Indian Railways Cancels 7 Pairs Of Trains On Dhanbad-Gomo Route From Sept 1 to Oct 15 | Full List Here

Dhanbad: Due to non-interlocking work in Varanasi Yard, train travel will be disrupted for passengers traveling via Dhanbad and Gomo stations. From September 1 to October 15, more than half a dozen trains running on this route will be canceled. The routes of many other trains will also be changed. The work is being done to improve the safety and efficiency of the railway network. However, it will cause inconvenience to passengers who are planning to travel on these routes during this period, as per a report in Prabhat Khabar.

Full List of Cancelled Trains:

The following trains will remain canceled:

  • 22323 Kolkata-Ghazipur City Weekly
  • 22324 Ghazipur City-Kolkata Weekly
  • 15022 Gorakhpur-Shalimar Weekly
  • 15021 Shalimar-Gorakhpur Weekly
  • 18103 Tata-Amritsar Jallianwala Bagh Express
  • 18104 Amritsar-Tata Jallianwala Bagh Express
  • 18612 Banaras-Ranchi Express
  • 12357 Kolkata-Amritsar Durgiana Express
  • 12358 Amritsar-Kolkata Durgiana Express
  • 12371 Howrah-Bikaner Superfast Weekly Express
  • 12372 Bikaner-Howrah Superfast Weekly Express
  • 12353 Howrah-Lalkuan Superfast Weekly Special Express
  • 12354 Lalkuan-Howrah Weekly Special Express

List of Trains Diverted On Dhanbad-Gomo Route

The following trains will run on a diverted route:

  • 12875 Puri-Anand Vihar Terminal, Nilanchal Express
  • 12876 Anand Vihar Terminal-Puri
  • 12381 Howrah-New Delhi Poorva Express
  • 12382 New Delhi-Howrah Poorva Express
  • 13009 Howrah-Yog Nagari Rishikesh Express
  • 13010 Yog Nagari Rishikesh-Howrah Doon Express
  • 13167, Kolkata-Agra Cantt Express
  • 13168 Agra Cantt-Kolkata Express

Dhanbad-Alleppey Express Diverted

The Dhanbad-Alleppey-Alleppeywill run on a diverted route on August 29, September 1, and 2 due to ongoing development works in the Vijayawada Division of the South Central Railway. The train will run via Nidadavolu, Bhimavaram Town, Gudivada, and Vijayawada instead of the scheduled routes of Nidadavolu, Eluru, and Vijayawada. The train will not stop at Tadepalligudem and Eluru stations due to the change of route.

Update on New Delhi-Una Himachal Jan Shatabdi Express!

Recently, Indian Railways extended the operations of the New Delhi-Una Himachal Jan Shatabdi Express! The train will now end its journey at Daulatpur Chowk, giving passengers even more convenient access to Himachal Pradesh. The new timetable was implemented on August 25, 2023, and the train now departs from New Delhi at 14:35 and arrives in Daulatpur Chowk at 21:20.

New Timing of the New Delhi-Daulatpur Chauk-New Delhi Jan Shatabdi Express:

  • The train departs from New Delhi at 2:35 PM and arrives in Daulatpur Chauk at 10:15 PM.
  • The train departs from Daulatpur Chauk at 4:15 AM and arrives in New Delhi at 11:45 AM.

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