SOS Calls To Save Flood Struck Animals In Delhi NCR Go Viral; Many Rescued, Rehabilitated

Reptiles, Birds, Animals Rescued: The recent onslaught of the Yamuna floods in the Delhi-NCR has unleashed havoc on the local wildlife, leaving them stranded and vulnerable. In the face of this unprecedented natural calamity, Wildlife SOS along with its sister organisation Friendicoes, known for rescuing animals in distress, have risen to the occasion, taking courageous and determined action to rescue these helpless animals.

Delhi NCR Got Flooded In July

In the month of July, Wildlife SOS and Friendicoes rescued over 1,000 animals in distress. The incessant rainfall and subsequent flooding in Delhi-NCR have displaced the wildlife, forcing them out of their natural habitats and into urban areas in search of refuge. The impact on the region’s wildlife has been devastating, with animals facing imminent danger.

Since the floods in July, Wildlife SOS has been receiving distress calls from concerned citizens witnessing the plight of wild animals. Wildlife SOS’ Rapid Response Unit has ventured into treacherous floodwaters, facing incredible risks to save the lives of these animals. The expert team comprising skilled rescuers, veterinarians, and trained handlers have been rescuing animals from floodwaters, treetops, rooftops, and even basements.

SOS Calls Go Viral

In the month of July, Wildlife SOS successfully rehabilitated several animals in flood-ravaged areas across Delhi-NCR. Among them were over 100 reptiles, including the Indian Cobra, Common Indian wolf snake, Black-headed royal snake, Indian rat snake, Checkered keelback, and Bengal monitor lizard.

Over 42 birds including mynas, green pigeons, parakeets, and doves were also rescued, with over 7 mammals like nilgai, squirrels, and Rhesus macaques. These species, native to the region, were displaced from their natural habitats due to the overwhelming floods. Animals that cannot be released back into the wild due to unpredictable circumstances have been kept under the NGO’s observation.

Rescue And Rehabilitation

Wildlife SOS collaborated with its sister organisation Friendicoes which works for the rehabilitation of stray animals. Friendicoes, a Delhi-based NGO, has rescued approximately 1,000 animals including over 500 dogs, 70 goats, 400 cows, while simultaneously providing treatment and rehabilitation to these animals.

Collaboration Between Wildlife SOS And Friendicoes Played Key Role

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-Founder and CEO, Wildlife SOS, said, “Wildlife SOS has received approximately 300 calls of snake sightings in flood-affected regions over the past five days, resulting in the rescue of approximately 70 snakes. Among the 40 snake species found in Delhi, only the common cobra and common krait are venomous, while the rest are non-venomous and pose no threat to humans. It is crucial for the public to remain calm and refrain from disturbing snakes when they come across them. Snakes typically only bite when they feel threatened, cornered, or accidentally stepped on. If assistance or rescue is required, individuals can contact the Wildlife SOS Hotline for help.”

Wasim Akram, Deputy Director-Special Projects, Wildlife SOS, said, “Seeing the impact nature can have on wildlife is a humbling experience. I am truly grateful to all rescue callers for their sensitivity towards these animals while facing a great calamity themselves. Wildlife SOS’ efforts in rescuing wildlife amidst the Yamuna floods are a testament to their unwavering dedication.”

24×7 Helpline Number

The Wildlife SOS’ 24×7 emergency rescue helpline number is +91 9871963535.

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