New Twist In Anju-Nasrullah ‘Love’ Story: Indo-Pak ‘Couple’ Deny Marriage Rumors | Watch

New Delhi: Anju, an Indian mother of two who has been hogging the headlines recently after she travelled to Pakistan to meet with Nasrullah, a Pakistani man she met and fell in love with on Facebook, has denied reports of her getting married to her purported lover.

Earlier, on Tuesday, reports from Pakistan-based news outlets surfaced claiming that Anju had converted to Islam, taken the name Fatima, and married Nasrullah. However, later in the day, Anju—who is already married and mother to two young children, released a video on social media sites, trashing rumors of her alleged marriage to Nasrullah.

In the video, Anju, with Nasrullah sitting beside her on a couch, is heard claiming that reports of her marriage to her Facebook friends are rumors and she is merely here (in Pakistan) to visit Nasrullah and his family and also for sightseeing.

“I have travelled here legally like other tourists do. We did not get married, those are only rumors. I am coming back to India soon,” Anju is heard saying in the video.

Meanwhile, in an interview with India Today, both Anju and Nasrullah vehemently denied the reports of their alleged marriage, dubbing such reports as rumors.

Anju is in danger

According to the report by India Today, Nasrullah denied “false rumours” of him and Anju being married, as was reported earlier. He also refuted claims that Anju had converted to Islam and said that she was following her own religion as before.

On being asked why they appeared before a judge, Nasrullah said they went to the court to request security for Anju and himself as they are in danger of being attacked, adding that the Pakistani government has deputed 50 police officers as security cover for Anju because she’s a foreigner and might come under attack from locals.

Giving details, he said that Anju may face mortal danger and is at the risk of being attacked at any time as there are some people who may not want her here. That is why they visited the court to ask for more security.

Nasrullah said Anju donned a burqa while going out as it’s a tradition here and also made sure that nobody recognized her.

Both Nasrullah and Anju termed a purported marriage circulated being circulated online as fake

She’s my best friend, will marry her in a heartbeat

Nasrullah said Anju is his “best friend” who came to Pakistan on a genuine tourist visa to visit him. The 29-year-old said he is aware that Anju is divorcing her husband and the process is underway, but marriage would solely be her decision. “That is entirely her decision. If she says so, then I will (marry her). But for now, she is going back to India,” he said, adding that her visa expires on August 4.

Videos filmed by famous vlogger

Anju also trashed rumors of her purported marriage to Nasrullah and commenting on the professionally shot videos of the cross-border ‘couple’ doing the rounds on social sites, she clarified that the videos were filmed by a famous vlogger who documented her sightseeing tour in the picturesque valleys of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Like Nasrullah, Anju termed the alleged marriage certificate as fake; however, unlike her ‘lover’ she claimed they did not visit the court but rather a local police station for some documentation work as there’s a process to follow for her to return to India.

Asked about pictures of her in a burqa, Anju’s version once more differed from Nasrullah as she said that the dress wasn’t a burqa but something entirely different which is required to be worn there when women go outside in that part of the world.

Anju reiterated that she did not get married to Nasrullah nor changed her religion. She maintained that she just went outside for sightseeing as she had come to Pakistan to travel and visit places.

Anju becomes Fatima?

Earlier on Tuesday, reports from Pakistan-based news outlets claimed that Anju, an Indian mother of two children, who travelled to a remote village in Upper Dir district of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, married her ‘lover’ Nasrullah after converting to Islam and taking the name Fatima.

Professionally shot videos shared by Pakistan-based twitter handles showed Anju and Nasrullah holding hands and roaming around in the picturesque valley of Pakistan’s Upper Dir district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

She had been staying at Nasrullah’s home in a village of Upper Dir district. Anju and Nasrullah tied the knot in a local court of a district and sessions judge amid tight security, it was claimed.

“Nasrullah and Anju’s marriage was solemnised today and a proper nikkah was performed after she converted to Islam,” senior officer at Moharrar City Police Station in Upper Dir district Muhammad Wahab told news agency PTI.

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