Devendra Kumar Sharma chairman of Asia-Pacific group of panel on large dams

Shimla, May 29

Chairman of the Himachal Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission Devendra Kumar Sharma has been elected chairman of the Asia-Pacific group of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) in a meeting held at Marseille, France, on May 28. The Asia-Pacific group of the organisation has 28 members, including India.

"Asia-Pacific group countries are economic power house and my focus would be to make it them knowledge hub in the field of dam engineering," Sharma said.

Sharma has more than 40 years of experience in energy and water resources sectors in India and abroad.

He is also member of the National Security Advisory Board and the National Committee on Dam Safety.

The ICOLD provides a forum for exchange of knowledge and experience in dam engineering.

The organisation aims at ensuring that dams are built safely, efficiently and economically and without detrimental effects on the environment.

Courtesy: Tribune News Service

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