Buddhi Diwali celebrated with fervour in Kullu

Tribune News Service

Mandi, December 5

Keeping the tradition alive, the traditional Buddhi Diwali festival of Nirmand village in Kullu district was celebrated with great fervour today, in which locals participated with great enthusiasm.

Diwali across India was celebrated on November 4, while villagers of Nirmand celebrated their age-old tradition after one month of the Diwali. The festival, which began two days ago, concluded today.

During the festival, residents of the Nirmand village dance and sing folklore related to the epic Mahabharata through the night in front of bonfires. Festivities of the Buddhi Diwali begin on the first 'amavasya', or new moon of the lunar half, after the regular Diwali every year.

The festival is celebrated to commemorate the killing of the demons, Dano and Asur, who resided there in the form of snakes.

"As per the tradition, after the ban on animal sacrifice in temples of the state imposed by the Himachal Pradesh High Court, villagers offer coconut to appease the deity. According to the ritual, people dance during the daytime forming a long chain with a huge rope. Outsiders are not allowed to take part in the dance activity," Joginder Shukla, a resident of the Nimand village, said.

Apart from Kullu, Buddhi Diwali is celebrated in few parts of Shimla and Sirmaur districts also.

Courtesy: Tribune News Service

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