Simian menace at The Ridge

The monkey menace is on the rise in Shimla. Monkeys can be seen snatching eatables from tourists. While walking on The Ridge, one often hears people screaming to keep them away. A serious injury, especially to children and the elderly, also can't be ruled out due to these. Tourists are forced to throw away their eatables as they see monkeys advancing towards them. The concerned authorities must take a note of this and get the needful done immediately.

— Vikrant Thakur, Shimla

People must leash their dogs during walks

Several dog owners come out for a walk without putting a leash on their pets in various parts of Shimla. Many a times, these dogs lunge at people, leaving people scared. The owners should put a leash on their dogs whenever they bring them out for a walk.

— Rajesh Thakur, Shimla

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