Roadways buses causing pollution

Many HRTC buses release plumes of smoke, leaving the passengers in the vehicles following them choked. This happens mainly when the buses are going uphill. The HRTC management should ensure the buses are well maintained and do not release toxic smoke, which pollutes the environment and causes inconvenience to other commuters.

— Rakesh Mehta, Shimla

Monkeys disrupt power supply

Monkeys have become a menace in Kasumpti. They jump on electricity wires, cutting off the supply for hours. And when this happens late in the evening, there is no one from the electricity department to fix the problem. It forces owners of shops and other business establishments to shut down.

— Roshan Thakur, Shimla

Unruly raiders: A monkey snatches a woman's sunglasses in Shimla. Amit Kanwar

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