Police to launch ‘register-29’ to monitor drug smugglers

Shimla, October 7

The Himachal Police will introduce register number 29 for drug traffickers in all police stations from November 1. The register containing the details and particulars of persons involved in criminal cases regarding drugs and psychotropics will act as a database for analysis to ensure better prevention of crimes.

"HP is dealing with problems related to illicit cultivation and trafficking of poppy and hashish along with heroin (chitta) and synthetic drugs. Therefore, need was felt to monitor the drug peddlers more closely and comprehensively," said DGP Sanjay Kundu here today. He added that the register 29 would also be included in the curriculum for new police recruits.

The register would have columns for details such as the name of the offender, age, physical disruption, address, mobile phone number, Aadhaar card number, social media accounts with quantity of contrabands seized, besides the details of family members, political involvement and bank accounts.

The register would allow police officers to monitor drug trafficking and trade more effectively and also help in bringing down the incidence of drug-related cases. The SHOs would monitor the release of offenders from jails irrespective of the fact that the accused were suspects, under trial or convicts. This register is in continuation of the registers started to monitor sex offenders, unidentified bodies, suicide and missing women and children, — TNS

Courtesy: Tribune News Service

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