Stray dog menace in Mandi

The menace of stray dogs has become a cause for concern for residents of Mandi town. They can be seen lying along the pedestrian paths in Mandi town, posing a threat to commuters especially children and senior citizens. The Municipal Corporation of Mandi should find out a permanent solution to keep these stray dogs away so that people can walk around without any fear.

— Hansraj, Mandi resident

Nullahs choked in Shimla

The failure of the Shimla municipal authorities to clean choked nullahs and waterways results in heaps of garbage and plastic getting littered on roads when it rains heavily. This causes inconvenience to people as at times it gets difficult to drive on such roads. There should be frequent cleaning of the nullahs to prevent them from getting choked. — Anish Sharma, Shimla

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