Administration looks for alternative land for CUHP in Dharamsala

Lalit Mohan

Tribune News Service

Dharamsala, September 13

Uncertainty prevails over the allotment of land offered for the Central University of Himachal Pradesh (CUHP) at Jadrangal in Dharamsala. The Kangra district administration is now looking for an alternative land for the north campus. The land for the south campus at Dehra has been transferred in the name of the institution.

Sources say that the university has proposed to start the construction of the campus. However, the Union Ministry of Education has asked the university authorities to make a comprehensive plan for the campus before the construction work is started.

In July, a Geological Survey of India (GSI) team from Shimla had found the land, offered at Jadrangal, unsafe for the campus.

The university administration had written to

the GSI head office in Kolkata to carry out further investigation to ascertain the geological stability of the proposed campus in Dharamsala.

A team from Kolkata

head office is expected to visit Dharamsala.

Vice-Chancellor Sat Prakash Bansal says that he will not comment on the development until something is finalised regarding the CUHP north campus land.

Deputy Commissioner Nipun Jindal says, "We are looking for an alternative land for the campus. If the GSI team finds Jadrangal land unfit for development, we should have an alternative land ready for immediate transfer to the CUHP so that the construction work can start". The CUHP authorities had identified land at Sakoh but did not find it fit as it also involved forestland.

Forest Minister Rakesh Pathania says that the land offered for the CUHP at Jadrangal is in patches. They are trying to consolidate it so that the forest clearance can be received easily. Meanwhile, the issue has started gathering political heat as Congress leaders are alleging discrimination against the Dharamsala region. However, the real sufferers are students and teachers.

Courtesy: Tribune News Service

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