IGMC conducts its first awake craniotomy operation

Tribune News Service

Shimla, August 28

The Neurosurgery Department of the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital (IGMC) has removed a tumour from a person's brain, keeping him awake during the complex surgery. "This surgery is called awake craniotomy. It is the first surgery of its kind in the state, and in medical colleges in North India," said Dr Janak Raj, Senior Medical Superintendent, IGMC.

According to Dr Janak Raj, who's also the head of the Neurosurgery Department, the patient had to be kept awake to ensure he did not lose the ability to talk or the functionality of his left arm and leg. "For such surgeries, people had to travel out of the state in the past. The surgery's success is a big achievement for our institution," he said.

Dr Ajay Sood, Head, Department of Anesthesia, said the major challenge in this surgery is to counsel and prepare the patient mentally for the surgery.

"You can imagine the anxiety a patient will go through if he's told that he would be awake and conscious during the surgery," he said, adding, "So, the counselling of the patient ahead of the surgery is very important."

Courtesy: Tribune News Service

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