Higher property tax for buildings made in 2021

Shimla, August 21

Shimla residents will have to pay a higher property tax for the buildings built in 2021 and beyond. The proposal to apply a higher factor to calculate property tax on properties built in 2021 and later was approved in the Municipal Corporation's Finance and Planning Committee's meeting today. The matter will now go to the General House for the final approval.

However, the application of a higher factor is not going to make much of a difference to the tax that the people are already paying. "The new method will enhance the amount by around Rs 100 only. So, people need not worry about it," said MC Mayor Satya Kaundal. The MC is expecting an additional income of around Rs 20 lakh per annum from the properties taxed using the higher factor value.

The meeting rejected the HPTDC proposal for one-time settlement of the land on which a lift has been constructed on the Cart Road. "As per the agreement, we have been demanding a 30-per cent share of the total income from the Lift. The HPTDC, however, wants to purchase the land instead of giving us our share. The meeting has rejected HPTDC's proposal and the MC will keep demanding its due share," said the Mayor. — TNS

Courtesy: Tribune News Service

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