All Shimla areas to get regular water supply

Tribune News Service

Shimla, August 5

Regular water supply to all localities in Shimla town, which was disrupted due to silting of water source at Giri, will be resumed in a day or two. The turbulence caused due to heavy silting at the source has subsided. Shimla received 45 MLD of water today.

Shimla town received 45.72 MLD of water today which included 18.83 MLD from Gumma, 17.18 MLD from Giri, 5.31 MLD from Koti Brandi and 2.99 ml, 1.04 MLD and 0.37 MLD from Churat, Seog and Chairh water sources, respectively.

The debris due to heavy construction at Parala Mandi, widening of roads and private construction undertaken by individuals was dumped along the banks of Giri river which got flushed into the river after heavy rain. However, there were scanty rain in this region in the past few days and the situation has improved.

The pumping, which was stopped due to silting, has started and daily water supply would be resumed, most likely by tomorrow, said Managing Director-cum-CEO, SJPNL Dharmender Gill. During rainy season the requirement of water is around 45 (million litres per day) MLD, which has been met, he added.

There will be no shortage of water in case rain is normal and there are no heavy rain and flash floods in the area. The waters supply was erratic for the past few days and water was being supplied on the alternate days.

Meanwhile, Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant (FSTP) of 2.5 kld has been constructed inside the sewage treatment plant, Lalpani, at a cost of Rs 92.84 lakh. This includes operation and maintenance cost for 5 years.

Shimla sewage system came in operation in October 2005 with six sewage treatment plants but there was no treatment provision of

faecal sludge of septic tank as the plant was not designed to treat the faecal waste of septic tank due to the high inlet parameters.

Courtesy: Tribune News Service

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