Aalmi area awaits road

The remote Aalmi area of Khundel panchayat in Chamba is deprived of a road. The inhabitants have to trudge a long distance to reach the main road. The government should construct a road to link this area to the city on priority. In case of any emergency, we face difficulty in taking the patients to the nearby health centres. — Residents, Aalmi (Chamba)

No check on number of people in lift

There's no check on the number of people entering the lift, from the Cart Road to the Mall, in Shimla. Keeping in view the Covid threat, the occupants of the lift should not be more than half of the total capacity. However, the lift is packed to the capacity most of the time. Worse, many do not even wear masks inside, causing inconvenience to others. — Navya Verma, Sanjauli

Courtesy: Tribune News Service

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