Hamsafar Society, a ray of hope for needy

Rajiv Mahajan

The Hamsafar Society in Kangra district is serving humanity with a difference by extending help to the poor and needy patients with contributions by its members.

In collaboration with Nurpur Blood Donors' Club, this society has collected 3,000 blood units. It is also playing a crucial role in sensitising the masses about public welfare schemes launched by the central and state governments.

Started in 2009

  • The NGO, comprising 35 members, came into existence in 2009. It has helped in marriages of 40 poor girls.
  • It has so far extended financial aid to over 80 cancer and kidney patients, besides road accident victims.

During the pandemic, its members distributed ration kits, face masks and hand sanitisers. They also assisted people in preparing e-passes for their movement.

New society president Suman Kaushal said she would do her best to carry out the prime agenda i.e. to serve humanity.

Courtesy: Tribune News Service

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