Mahila Suvidha Kendra an initiative of Palampur Subdivision

The unique initiative in Palampur subdivision of Kangra district has shown a new way for how to solve any kind of problem faced by women during the lockdown period. On the initiative of the district administration, the women's helpline named as Mahila Suvidha Kendra has proved very effective. The uniqueness of this helpline is that it focuses on women's problems and is also being operated by women. This helpline has produced very meaningful results and this helpline is also playing an important role in spreading awareness amongst women.

Helpline deals with only women related issues and also being run by the women:

 For the help of women during lockdown and curfew, a special number of women helpline started in the name of Mahila Suvidha Seva Kendra in Palampur subdivision is 7649986000 and it not only provides instant response from the same period but also solves their problems .

 The Nodal Officer of the Mahila Suvidha Seva Kendra Helpline, wholly focuses on womens related issues and run by women. Naib Tehsildar Kiran Chauhan and her team members Shivani and Deepika from Netaji Subhash Nursing College are working diligently to help the women calling on this helpline. The women of Sub Division Palampur, who have called on this helpline, have expressed their satisfaction.

Functioning with the turn around time of 24 hours:

Another important feature of this helpline is that within 24 hours of receiving call on the helpline, arrangements are also made to send goods, medicines, etc. to help the women of this helpline. With this kind of arrangement, women have not only received the convenience of sitting at home but this helpline has also increased faith of women, as problems are being resolved on a single phone call
Helpline has benefited dozens of Women in the area:

 Everyday authorities are getting calls on this helpline and the benefit of this helpline is also being used for health checkup and other assistance. The helpline has benefited dozens of women such as Deepika resident of Punnar, Kanika from Dhati, Deepika Butel from Tanda, Kaushalya from Kural, Sankalpana Devi from Gopalpur and Pooja Devi resident of Mallahu.
The Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) Palampur said that people are staying in their homes because of the lockdown which consist of large number of women including single and other elderly women

. He informed that many other helplines have also been started in Palampur to cater to different sections of the area. The effort of the administration to start a separate helpline for women has also yielded meaningful results and proving very effective for women.

courtesy: CMO Himachal Pradesh

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