Stuck with Thanksgiving leftovers? Here's 5 unexpected ways to serve surplus mashed potatoes

At the end of every Thanksgiving celebration, there's always that one aunt who insists on sending you home with the leftovers. "What am I gonna do with all these potatoes?!" she asks nobody in particular. "Your uncle and I can't possibly finish all this food!" she adds, usually while fumbling around in a drawer of plastic containers she's been saving for this exact purpose. READ: 10 Fun Twists on Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes A moment later, when she finishes scooping an ungodly amount of mashed potatoes into a gigantic plastic tub that once held margarine, she'll hand it over, kiss you on the cheek, and send you on your way. So what are you gonna do with all those potatoes, huh? Well, it's quite simple, really. You'll do this:


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