Withypool Stone Circle

Withypool Stone Circle is a Late Neolithic or Early Bronze Age ring of thirty small gritstones near the village of Withypool, in Exmoor in the south-western English county of Somerset. It is one of many stone circles built across Britain, Ireland and Brittany as part of a megalithic tradition between 3300 and 900 BCE. Archaeologists speculate that they may be prehistoric religious sites with supernatural associations. Although many monuments were built on Exmoor during the Bronze Age, only one other stone circle survives in this area, at Porlock. The Withypool ring sits in an area of heathland on the south-western slope of Withypool Hill. It is about 36.4 metres (119 feet 5 inches) in diameter. There may originally have been around 100 stones; there are conspicuous gaps on the northern and western sides of the monument. The site was rediscovered in 1898 and surveyed by the archaeologist Harold St George Gray in 1905.

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