Sunday, February 12, 2017

Amrit Manthan 1934

Amrit Manthan (Churning For Nectar) is a 1934 Hindi costume drama film directed by V. Shantaram for his Prabhat Film Company. The film, was produced simultaneously in Hindi and Marathi. The film starred Chandra Mohan, Nalini Tarkhad, Shanta Apte, G. R. Mane, Varde and Kelkar. The film was based on Narayan Hari Apte's novel "Bhagyashree". The Hindi translation was done by Veer Mohammed Puri who also wrote the lyrics for the film.
The story involves a reformist king who bans human and animal sacrifices, and a fanatical head priest who is willing to cut off his own head for a perfect sacrifice.

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