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Saigal in 1938
Saigal in Tansen

In 1942

Saigal in Dharati Mata
Kundan Lal Saigal and his relationship with Shimla :

Conceived on 11 April 1904, an incredible artist, arrange performing artist, film identity, and harmonium player, KL Saigal came to Simla in 1928 from Jammu. He had exciting voice and a profound enthusiasm for singing. It was National ADC (Amateur Dramatic Club), Phagli, Simla which gave Saigal the possibility chance to perform in a play 'Puran Bakht'. This was a long play of six hour span with two interims. Its lead part performing artist and artist fell sick all of a sudden with looseness of the bowels. The administration went into freeze till somebody proposed the name of youthful Saigal who was having great voice. Since Saigal was a customary guest to watch the play each night and each show he knew the lines and the melodies of the play by heart. He was a moment hit with the gathering of people and the play was a colossal achievement.

While performing on the phase of Gaiety Theater he was seen by Harishchandra Bali, the great music wizard. Saigal was taken to Calcutta by him and presented with RC Boral, the father of film music. There he was contracted by BR Sircar's studio 'New Theater' for singing.

While in Simla he remained at Kodumal Building, Bharari. served as a typewriter salesman in Remington Rand Typewriter Company from 1928 to 1931. The marketing of Remington Typewriter was finished by Thacker, Spink and Co., a renowned organization which distributed books, blurbs and photos of Simla. The organization likewise kept up a photographic studio in the working close Combermere bridge. The place and old studio is currently possessed by Bindra Studio.

He regularly would perform at National Amateur Dramatic Club, Phagli and Gaiety Theater. He assumed the part of an eunuch in one of the plays at the Gaiety and sung, "Saiyyan morey laaye re bataashe ki jori." The tune turned out to be exceptionally prevalent with local people. Sir Rajendra Singhji Dev Bahadur, Maharaja of Jhalawar was so awed by KL Saigal that he was talented with exorbitant suit obtained from 'Ranken and Company-Tailors and Drapers,' on the Mall, Simla.

Saigal frequently went by the place of Master Madan and Madan's senior sibling Mohan. Saigal would play his harmonium amid long singing sessions at their habitation. He cleared out Simla in 1931 for Kolkata.

His part of Devdas in 1935 made him the primary genius of Indian film Industry. He returned to Simla in 1936 and a Charity Show was composed at Kali Bari Hall in his respect. As an appreciation for regard and love appeared to him by the general population of Simla, he sang melodies from Yahoodi ki Larki, Puran Bhagat, Devdas and so on abandoning every last one stunned. This time he remained at Grand Hotel.

He died on 18th January 1947 at the age of 42 at Jalandhar.

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